Naija:Download Music Mp3:- DYHCrew – The Code Ft PSO, Diego, Studio Boy And Ric

Download Music Mp3:- DYHCrew – The Code Ft PSO, Diego, Studio Boy And Ric

Internet under historic pressure, as a new talented artist, hyper, NETpreneur, Paul Samson, popularly known as PSO, releases his fresh motivational song, featuring Studio Boy, Diego and Ric under the most lucrative and entertainment platform, NNU with a brand new record label DYHCrew.

Paul Samson who has taken the entire music industry by storm with his unique and motivational song, having heard from numerous Nigerians (Both old and young) complaining of financial quagmires, he decided to compose an informative and expository song with the help of his debut music crew, Diego, Studio Boy and Ric.

This zeal to compose this helpful song erupted due to the lucrative, educative and positive nature of Nigeria News Update, known as NNU with its Income Program. Paul thought that why would Nigerians who are lucky enough to have frequent access to internet complain of various financial problems despite the existence of NNU.

This deep thought gave birth to the latest “call to action” song, titled “THE CODE”.


This song is not only motivational but literally sets the dance floors on fire and sees even the least talented dancer put his hand together in a lock as you vibe to the sweetness.

The production is smooth and lyrics are filled with simple call and answer expressions that make you want to have a repeated listens. The song is brief but tells a lot, downloading it would be one of the best decisions you’d ever take.

The Music video will be out soon, in the mean time, download and enjoy for your listening pleasure.


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