Trouble & Bandhunta Izzy Downplay Quavo & Saweetie’s Physical Altercation

 Trouble & Bandhunta Izzy Downplay Quavo & Saweetie’s Physical Altercation

The two rappers don’t believe that this physical altercation should be labeled as “abuse.”

Celebrities often fight off intrusive fans who want to know intimate details of their personal lives, but the public has honed in on Bandhunta Izzy and Zonnique Pullins’s relationship. The pair recently welcomed their daughter, Hunter, into the world—Zonniques first child and Izzy’s third—but it wasn’t news about their newborn that caused the public to question what goes on behind closed doors, but the rapper’s response to Quavo and Saweetie’s controversial elevator video. 

As expected, Tuesday (March 30) was swamped with commentary regarding the explosive video that showed Saweetie and Quavo in an elevator as they fought over a case. The clip has been polarizing, particularly in the Rap community, and now Bandhunta Izzy and Trouble have shared their thoughts. Izzy delivered his take over on his Instagram Story.

“If u think dats abuse, u must not never seen abuse before,” wrote Izzy. Quickly, people began making assumptions about his relationship with Zonnique, but the couple has remained unproblematic throughout their years-long romance. Trouble also gave his two cents and stated that it looked as if Quavo and Saweetie were tugging on the case and it got a little rowdy, but Quavo shouldn’t be labeled as an abuser.

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